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Our goal is to create something you’re proud of and that helps your business. That’s why Phoenitech has developed a comprehensive approach to web development that takes the guessing out of the game.

We have assembled a team of the best and brightest minds in web development, user experience, marketing and leadership to ensure that our customers will get the best results within the best quality executed with the proper technology/framework.




MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic websites and web applications.The MEAN stack is MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (or Angular), and Node.js. Because all components of the MEAN stack support programs are written in JavaScript, MEAN applications can be written in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments.

The components of the MEAN stack are as follows:

  • MongoDB, a NoSQL database
  • Express.js, a web application framework that runs on Node.js
  • Angular.js or Angular, JavaScript MVC frameworks that run in browser JavaScript engines
  • Node.js, an execution environment for event-driven server-side and networking applications


Developing apps using MEAN is simple and fast because developers are allowed to write code only in one language i.e JavaScript for both client and server side. A JavaScript specialist can manage the complete project with the help of MEAN Stack formula. With Node.js, a developer can deploy the applications on the server directly without the need of deploying it to a stand-alone server.

MEAN allows you to test an application on cloud platform easily after successful completion of a development process. Applications can be easily developed, tested and introduced in the cloud. It also allows you to add extra information simply by adding the field to your form. MongoDB, specifically designed for the cloud, provides full cluster support and automatic replication.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used in both NodeJS and AngularJS. And MongoDB is a component-based relational database that offers users to save documents in JSON format. But it is limited for only small to intermediate level companies. Mostly, developers prefer MEAN stack at various stages of applications and web development.

Node.js is speedy and ascendable because of its non-blocking architecture. Angular.js is an open source JavaScript framework that offers maintenance, testability, and reusability. Powerful directives of this framework progress into great testability and domain-specific language.



LAMP is an archetypal model of web service stacks, named as an acronym of the names of its original four open-source components: the GNU/Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS), and the PHP programming language. The LAMP components are largely interchangeable and not limited to the original selection. As a solution stack, LAMP is suitable for building dynamic websites and web applications.LAMP Software is the world’s most popular web development platform that is open sourced in nature. The use of PHP and MySQL permit easy coding and permits even novices to build something successfully and get it up and running.

LAMP offers one of the most effective and popular ways of developing enterprise level web applications because of its flexibility, customization, and cost-effectiveness. The LAMP technology is open sourced and highly secure while running on a LINUX operating system. The LAMP stack can be acquired at a comparatively low price compared to other software architecture bundles. LAMP stacks are constantly updated to incorporate new updates and improvements and can run on many platforms giving flexibility of use to its users.

LNMP is an extension from LAMP. Traditional Apache setups are multi-threaded and resource heavy. As a result, LAMP can be slow.  PHP’s speed can be dramatically enhanced through the use of Nginx instead of Apache.Here are some advantages of Nginx:

  • Installations and configurations are simple and easy
  • Fastest and the best for serving static files
  • Dynamic content transformed into static content
  • When compared to Apache, 4 times more concurrent connections are handled.
  • Compatibility with commonly-used web apps
  • Load Balancing Support
  • Nginx makes websites faster thereby enabling them to get a higher ranking by Google



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